$BCAT - The first memecoin on BEAM
The first memecoin on BEAM


BEAMCAT was launched on December 22, 2023. It is the first memecoin on the BEAM network. Unlike 90% of the memecoin market, it isn't a copy pasted overused meme that has been launched 10 times on every chain. We are still early.

Total Supply
420 Trilion


Here's a simple guide on how to bridge your funds to $BEAM and buy $BCAT

Add the BEAM mainnet to your wallet
To access Beam, you need to add the network's configuration in your wallet such as MetaMask.
Purchase BEAM
BEAM is the native currency used within the Beam network to pay for transactions. The BEAM token originates on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be obtained from various centralized- and decentralized exchanges
Bridge BEAM
If you got your BEAM on Ethereum, head over to Beam's native bridge and transfer your BEAM to BEAM mainnet.
Visit BEAM's native swap to exchange your BEAM for $BCAT. You can also swap AVAX and USDC for $BCAT.